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Manual therapy of the face. During this treatment, we use the latest natural methods for rejuvenating and correcting the face. Such therapy
models the face oval, raises the cheeks and drooping eyelids, smoothes wrinkles and reduces muscle tension. It is an alternative for aesthetic medicine treatment and plastic surgery


Body care - we offer a wide selection of massages, being the most effective form of therapy for increased muscle tensions and pain ailment. It is also an effective method that works well for body silhouette modeling and reducing psychic-nervous tensions. Thanks to massages of whole body, we lead to silence the organism to restore harmony and balance.


We treat human health in a holistic approach and we perceive it as a natural state of balance of all body systems - body, mind and spirit. Intimacy, the atmosphere of complete peace and relaxation, the gentle glowing of candles and the quiet sound of calm music make us find the balance of body and soul. Everyone strives to be healthy, full of energy and happy - we provide it all for our costumers.

Most Popular Services

rzeźbiarski lifting twarzy

Rzeźbiarsk lifting twarzy – absolutna nowość w Rzeszowie !  Jedna z najbardziej popularnych i skutecznych metod odmładzania i modelowania twarzy. 

Allows you to: modeling the face oval, corrects the lower third of the face, lifting and modeling the cheeks,and the lips and lift their corners, it will smooth the skin of the neck and forehead, remove mimic wrinkles, gradually eliminate wrinkles and furrows through the reactivation of muscles to work and gradually improve the condition of the skin by stimulating the circulation. 

A massage that is so much loved by famous stars and celebrities, one of the favorite facial treatments of the duchess Meghan Markle. To achieve an permament effect, it is necessary to perform a series of treatments - from 5 to 10 massages. The effect maintain from 3 to 6 months.

60 min ━━━━━━ 109 zł

Healing Massage

Healing massage (using elements of trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage) - one of the most frequently performed massages. A treatment that allows you to get rid of many painful ailments, prevents and eliminates pathological changes in organs and tissues, splendidly relaxes and relieves stress. It is a very individual massage, depending on many characteristic parameters for an individual patient and his current state of health, so it may looks different for everyone. The correct therapeutic massage is performed in series and at regular intervals, because only then we can expect its healing effects.

30 min ━━━━━━ 59 zł

60 min ━━━━━━ 109 zł

About Us

Day Spa Rzeszów

It's an exclusive massage parlour which is located in a quiet and peaceful area in the heart of the capital city of Podkarpacie. An unique place where the body and mind are treated as one coherent system.

About Me

Ishkova Iryna

Holder of university degree of public health and cosmetology, certified masseur, successively deepening her knowledge and skills through participation in many massage courses and aesthetic cosmetology.


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